Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Course Description

Faculty or Department Required Courses

Course Title Credits
Architectural Design and Theory I 10
Basic Architectural Design 4
Architectural Design and Theory II 14
Architectural Design and Theory III 14
Interior Design 3
Architectural Design and Theory IV 16
Computer Aided Architectural Design I 4
Introduction to Environmental Science 2
Computer Aided Architectural Design II 2
Computer Aided Architectural Design III 2
Building Technology and Sustainability 4
Building Structures I 4
Building Structures II 4
Building Services 4
History of Western Architecture 4
Modern Architecture 4
History of Chinese Architecture 4
Urbanism 2
Studies on Architectural History and Theory 2
Landscape Architecture 2
Building Practice I 4
Building Practice II 4
Department Elective Courses

Course Title Credits
Special Topics in Computer Aided Architectural Design 2
Building Maintenance and Renovation 2
History of Western Art 2
Architectural Studies 2
Vernacular Architecture 2
Architectural Appreciation 2
Building Practice in China 2
Project Management 2