Head Message

Fifty Years’ Cultivation of Imperfections

Students’ works are always not meant to be perfect, and they should not be. Our works reveal how the department explored, discovered, de-learned and transcended via the lenses of sustainability, scale and frames of issues, may they be social, sustainable, cultural or purely, architectural. In this sense they are perfect to record traces of how our revamping school of architecture pedagogized architecture education, since our department establishment in 1964.

Our works are the crystals of the endeavor of the stakeholders of the profession. Apart from the experience shared by the academic advisors and examiners, and valuable feedback from our dedicated teaching staff and students. We are fortunate to have been evolving with the sheds of wisdom of the architecture profession, particularly from the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, who has been contributing to help shaping a curriculum that equips future architects to be able to face sustainability issues with contemporary habitat challenges, locally, regionally and globally.

I envision the evolution to continue, and look forward to seeing more imperfect projects to emerge – professors’ joy and satisfaction comes from students’ stimulating/immature attempts.

Head of Department