History of the Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture was established in 1964, offering a 4-year post-secondary Programme in Architecture to secondary-school leavers. In 1986, the Department was renamed as Department of Architecture to further enhance the integration of architectural design and practice, and to reflect the change of emphasis of its approach from engineering to design.
The Department has nurtured a great number of graduates working in the field of architecture and other associated disciplines. They have helped contributing to the rapid development of the building and construction sectors since the 1970s. Our graduates have been participating in various large-scale Hong Kong infrastructure and housing projects such as the establishment of the Mass Transit Railway and the development of satellite towns in rural areas.
Progressing along the rapid development of Hong Kong in the 21st century, the Department will continue its mission to nurture quality graduates with vision and professionalism. They will continue to help improve the quality of people’s living styles and enhance their sense of belonging in the community. They will also continue to help build a better environment, to make Hong Kong a lively and dynamic city. 
We therefore encourage the promotion of architectural and cultural appreciation to cultivate students’ creativity and innovation. This is particularly important for Hong Kong, where the architectural style and design have often been highly dominated by market factors. Students should also be able to incorporate both Chinese and Western culture and values to reflect Hong Kong’s unique position, a place where Chinese and Western culture meets. It is also our aim to equip graduates with the knowledge on sustainable design and to raise their awareness of environmental concerns.

Over 40 Years of Experience in Offering Quality Programme in Architecture

This Programme in Architecture, one of the distinguished four-year post-secondary programmes in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, has been offered for over 40 years since 1964. The excellence of our Programme underscores the College’s commitment in providing quality education to secondary school leavers to make the most contribution in the field of architectural design and building construction. 
For decades, our Programme has nurtured a large number of talented graduates with specialised knowledge and skills in architecture and construction. The curriculum of our Programme is specifically designed to meet the local and international needs of the industry. Knowledge is introduced systematically from the elementary to the advanced, covering fundamental, advanced and professional aspects for effective applications of theories to practices.

Provision of Versatile Professionals for the Construction Industry

The economic boom in Hong Kong beginning in the 1980s has created a great demand for professionals in the construction industry. As a result, our Architecture Programme experienced a period of growth during the time, and also nurtured a significant number of graduates serving the field.
 Our graduates have ample opportunities to develop their careers in various construction-related disciplines. They have contributed in the construction of a great number of developments in both Hong Kong and other cities. As all-rounded professionals in the field are expected to be in great demand in the foreseeable future, the Department will continue its role as a distinguished provider of quality tertiary education; and our graduates will continue to help fuel the rapidly growing economy of Hong Kong.