Fall 2018

Architectural Design and Theory III
Architectural Design and Sustainability II
History of Chinese Architecture
Research Methodology in Architecture

Mr. KOO Siu Fung Stone

Assistant Professor


M.L.A. (HKU)

HK Registered Landscape Architect, HKILA

Mr. Koo has been a landscape architect practicing in Hong Kong and Mainland China for more than 13 years. He won his first landscape design award in 1996. He explores various landscape types, from private gardens to residential, commercial plaza to science park as well as hospitals, schools, university campus and cultural museum. He experiments the possibility of modern Chinese landscape in an urban context. His completed revitalization work ‘Jao Tsung I Academy’ 饒宗頤文化館 is well received and is submitted for HKIA Competition. At the moment his another revitalization scheme project ‘Green Hub’ (Revitalization of Old Tai Po Police Station) for Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden is at the final completion stage.

Mr. Koo is also a writer. He was a script supervisor for HKTVB from 1979 to 1989, and helped founded the Children Daily (兒童日報) and later the Children Weekly (號外兒童周刊), and became the editor of Connoisseur Magazine of the City Magazine Group (號外出版集團), and later an editor of Next Magazine.

Graduated from HKU MLA in 1997, Mr. Koo entered another stage of his career. He joined the HKILA, was invited to be the Translation Advisor for 1997-1999, Hon. Treasurer 1998-1999 and Chairman of Publication Committee of HKILA 2000-2001. He contributed technical papers to Mainland and Hong Kong Conference on Management Systems of the Engineering and Construction Industry: Twenty Years of Landscape Architecture Practice in Hong Kong, 1999 Beijing and Specifications for Landscapes Building Works, Urumqi 2006. He was the editor of Yuanlin the professional journal of HKILA 2000 to 2001 and member of Publication committee 2000-2007. The papers he contributed include: Photo Essay: Grounds for Sculpture 2001; Changdi, the Bund in Guangzhou 2006. Book Reviews: Liang & Lin, 2001; Four Books on Landscape; Design theory exploration: To be visible or invisible: An Issue of Design Intent in Landscape Architecture with Leslie Chen 1999. Landscape Policy Paper: The Need for a Policy on Landscape/Greening in Hong Kong, HKILA 2000.

He taught Film Appreciation in City University of Macau 1995-1997, teaching Landscape Architecture for HKU SPACE Diploma Course, 2003-2004, teaching Chinese Landscape for HKU SPACE 2006. He taught Cultural Studies at Chinese University-Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College subjects: (i) Global & Local Cultures, (ii) City as cultural context. 2008-2010. He also offered book talks on various landscape architectural topics for the public at Book Talk Chinese University of Hong Kong.

His research projects included: Walkability in Hong Kong 2001, New Landscape Design in Modern China 2006, and The Landscape Image of Hong Kong 2007.