mission" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="10" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> sustainability + design skills The department of architecture envisions nurturing graduates who are versatile, competent and progressive to serve in diverse challenges in the architectural profession towards advocating and delivering sustainable and quality living environment.
This mission is accomplished through a pedagogy that is holistic and comprehensive in core knowledge domains in architectural design and sustainability, building technology and sustainability, history and theory and professional practice ensuring the development of analytical and creative faculties within the students.
mission" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="10" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> department head's message Design educators’ mission is to help students see possibilities that they have never seen, and to realize things that have not been realized. Our curriculum develops students’ skills by using the viewpoints of sustainability, of various scale and typologies of issues, be they social, cultural or purely, architectural. It establishes students’ value towards architecture by exploring design possibilities that are aesthetically meaningful, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. In this sense, these typologies are the background, recording how our growing school of architecture learned our own particular process of architectural education since its establishment in 1964. We are fortunate to have been evolving with the wisdom of our advisors, examiners, critics and in particular, members of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in the past decade. Students’ works are always not meant to be perfect, and they should not be. Their stimulating and immature attempts open our eyes in return, and their movement forwards keeps us advancing. Paul H. S. Chu mission" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="10" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> career path built environment Further Studies
Graduates from our architecture bachelor’s programmes from the last years have pursued further studies in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban, Environment, and Management-related postgraduate degrees in local and overseas universities.

Career Development (from recent alumni employment survey)
• Authorized Person
• Registered Architect
• Representative of Developer or Property Owner
• Architectural Consultant
• Contractor
• Interior Designer
• Estate Managemen
• Practice in Mainland China
mission" data-bg="p:center bottom;" data-parallax="10" class="rev-slidebg" data-no-retina> design direction integration The department of architecture has a history of over 50 years in Hong Kong. The curriculum emphasizes sustainability, and is grounded in professional knowledge, digital media and scientific method to investigate how architecture design advances with the limited resources on earth. Defined as an applied art, Architecture requires architects' and designers' understanding of history, culture, climate, science and technology, building codes, etc., so as to create designs that would break through the conventional way of thinking.