Expertise & Research Interests

UNESCO World Heritage & Historic Preservation, Vernacular Architecture, Western Ecclesiastical Architecture & Theological Thoughts

UNESCO World Heritage & historic preservation;

vernacular architecture;

Western ecclesiastical architecture and theological thoughts 


Courses to Teach (23-24)

Traditional Sustainable Built Environment

Professor LUNG, Ping Yee David


Chair Professor in Architecture

B.Arch. (University of Oregon)
M.Arch., M.A. (University of Oregon)
M.A.C.S. (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

HK Registered Architect

A Registered Architect, Professor Lung studied architecture and Asian Studies in the University of Oregon USA and Christian Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has practiced and taught architecture in the US and in Hong Kong. His life-long interest is in the subject of vernacular architecture, an area where he has published and lectured for over 40 years. 

Before joining Hong Kong Chu Hai College, Professor Lung was a Professor of Architecture and held the Lady Edith Kotewall Professorship in the Built Environment at The University of Hong Kong, where he had served as Head of Department and Dean of Faculty of Architecture. He is internationally recognized for his scholarship and work in the field of heritage conservation and World Heritage properties.  He is instrumental in bringing to fruition three UNESCO World Heritage Inscriptions: Historic City of Macao, Kaiping Diaolou and Villages, and the Historic Cities in the Straits of Malacca. Professor Lung is currently appointed Honorary Professor of Architecture at HKU.

Selected Publications:

-Lung, Ping Yee and Fung, K.W. (2023).  “Xianggang chuantong wenwu jianzhu yingzao lilun yu jifa yanjiu: yi chuantong minjian jianzhu wei zhongxin” (An Investigation of the Architectural Theory and Building Technique in Hong Kong Historical Architecture: Case Studies on Chinese Vernacular Architecture), a paper presented in a symposium  entitled: Under the Same Roof: Origin and Art of Lingnan Traditional Architecture, held on December 12, 2023, in Heritage Discovery Centre, organized by Hong Kong Antiquities & Monuments Office.

-Lung, David. (Manuscripts completed 2018, Forthcoming 2024). “Fujian”, “Hong Kong”, “Hong Kong Ancestral and Study Halls” ; Lung, David and WU, Ding Hang, “Feng Shui”, in Encyclopaedia of World Vernacular Architecture, 2nd. ed., ed. Marcel Vellinga. UK: Bloomsbury Publishing.

-Lung, Ping Yee David. (Draft manuscript completed 2020). “Sermon in Stone: An Inquiry in the Theological Significance of the Ruin Façade of St. Paul’s Church in Macau”.

-Lung, Ping Yee David. (2017). “Xianggang de chengshi fazhan he jianju” (The Development of the City and Architecture in Hong Kong), in Xianggang Shi Xin Guan(Hong Kong History: New Perspective), (2 vols.), ed. Wang Gung-wu. [ISBN 978-962-04-3885-1]. Hong Kong: Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co. Ltd. pp. 227-300.

-Lung, Ping Yee David. (2016). Vernacular Architecture of Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Cultural Sustainability, a massive open online course (MOOC), first launch on EdX platform in April 2015; re-scripted and edited to 6 video episodes. Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong.

-Lung, Ping Yee David. (2015). The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, a massive open online course (MOOC) published in video format, 10 episodes; first launch on EdX platform in April. Hong Kong: The University of Hong Kong.

-Lung, Ping Yee David. (2013). “Gailun: wenwu bayou zhi lilun jichu yu shijian – Chengzhong luzhou zhi qifa” (General Account: Theory and Practice in Heritage Conservation – Inspirations from Central Oasis), in Chengzhong Luzhou – Gongzhong Canyu (Urban Oasis – Community Participation). HK: Urban Renewal Authority, pp. 2-14.

-Lung, David. (2012). “Built Heritage in Transition: A Critique on Hong Kong’s Conservation Movement and the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance”, in Hong Kong Law Journal, Spring edition, Vol. 42, Part I. [ISSN 0378 0600]. UK: Sweet and Maxwell Ltd.  pp. 121-142.

-LUNG, Ping Yee David (2012) “Built Heritage in Transition: A Critique on Hong Kong’s Conservation Movement and the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance”, in Hong Kong Law Journal, Spring edition, vol. 42, pp. 121-141 Part I [ISSN 0378 0600].