Expertise & Research Interests

Architectural Design, Urbanism, Construction & Technology


Courses to Teach (23-24)

Architectural Design and Sustainability II
Professional Practice I
Holistic Approach in Sustainability

Professor CHU, Hoi Shan Paul

Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professor, Head of Department

B.A. (Arch. Stud.) (Hons) (HKU)
M.Arch. (Dist.) (HKU)
M.Sc. (Arch. & Urban Design) (Columbia University)

PRC Class 1 Registered Architect
HK Registered Architect

Paul CHU Hoi Shan is currently Head and Professor in the Department of Architecture. His research interest includes informality and social aspects of contemporary urbanism. He holds M. Sc (Architecture and Urban Design) from Columbia University and was a graduate of B.A.(A.S.) (Hons) and M.Arch (Distinction) of HKU. He was Convener of Hong Kong Urban Design Alliance (HKIUD), a founding member of Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design (HKIUD) and member of Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA). He is a Hong Kong Registered Architect and PRC Class 1 Registered Architect.

He was awarded Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar (New York), Contemporary Construction Expert of China, Hong Kong Young Architect Award, 20 for 21st Century Emerging Hong Kong Architect, Hong Kong 10 Outstanding Designers, champion in ‘In Search of Diversity in School Design’ amongst the other awards he obtained. He was contributing editor of ‘Factory Towns of South China- An Illustrated Guidebook’ (HKU Press, 2012) and ‘Villages in the City- A Guide of South China’s Informal Settlements’ (HKU Press and University of Hawai’i Press, 2014).

He served as a member of HKSAR Government Central Policy Unit to advise Government on public affairs and policy. He was a member of Appeal Panel (Housing) of Transport and Housing Bureau, Advisory Committee of Urban Renewal Authority and Architects Registration Board. He is currently an appointed member for the Advisory Committee on the Appearance of Bridges and Associated Structures (ACABAS) of Highways Department, Council for Sustainable Development of Environment Bureau and Antiquities Advisory Board of Antiquities and Monument Office.

He was Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Council Member of HKIA. He was an Official Delegate and Council Member at Architects Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA) in 2013 and 2014.

Selected Publications

- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul (2018). Invited Exhibitor, ‘Urban Living room’, Venice Biennale, Italy
- Chu, P., Thilakaratne, R. & Xiao, Y. (2017). Co-Author, ‘Impacts from Building Geometries on Urban Wind Environments’. WSBE Conference, 5-7 June.
- Chu, P., Thilakaratne, R. & Xiao, Y. (2016). Co-Author, ‘Optimization of Hong Kong Residential Building Design Guidelines to Improve Urban Air Ventilation’. Architectural Science Association Conference, Adelaide 8-10 Dec. 2016
- Chu, P., Thilakaratne, R. & Xiao, Y. (2016). Co-Author, ‘Impacts of building typologies on pedestrian wind environments in high density urban areas’. The Journal of Architecture
- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul (2014). Contributing Editor, ‘Villages in the City: A Guide to South China’s Urban Informality’. HKU Press, May 2014
- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul (2012). Contributing Editor, ‘Factory Towns of South China: An Illustrated Guidebook’. HKU Press, May 2012
- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul (2011). Co-Author, ‘Still Building- Young Architects’ Award Recipients since 1990’. Asian Cultural Council, Dec 2011
- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul. Co-Author, Book Chapter on “Innovative Sustainable Renewed Strategies for developing Kai Tak Region of HKSAR”, Sept 2010
- CHU, Hoi Shan Paul (2009). Co-Author, Article ‘Club Cinemetrics, New Post-Perspectival Design Methodologies’, AD (Architectural Design) Magazine Jan/ Feb 2009