Expertise & Research Interests

Building Envelope Design, Construction of Lightweight Prefabricated System


Courses to Teach (23-24)

Building Environmental Assessment
Architecture Design and Sustainability I

Dr. XIA, Heng 

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (CUHK)
M. Arch. (NJU, China)
B. Eng. (Architecture) (NWPU, China)

XIA Heng received his Ph.D from The Chinese University of Hong Kong during 2008-2014. Both design research and practice have been focused on in the last decades. His primary research interest involves bay window design and facade design, to realize thermal comfort under low energy consumption and construction detail design for light weight building. The research outputs have been applied on several projects showing high design quality and energy efficiency. He took part in the design, planning and construction of a series of prefabricated schools and Eco buildings. The successfully completed projects have ever won several prizes in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.



Selected Publications:

  • XIA Heng, & Q. Peng. (2017). The Hermit House in Holland, A case with useroriented on-line interface for mass-customized prefabricated small homes. Urban Architecture, 240(5), 43-45. Haerbin.
  • XIA Heng, & Q. Peng. (2016). Investigation of Bay Windows in Chinese Vernacular Timber Construction: An Unavailable ‘Window-Seat’. World Architecture, 314(08),116-121. Beijing.
  • XIA Heng. (2016). Window, 囧 and OJO. World Architecture, 314(08),70-76. Beijing.
  • XIA Heng. (2016). Improving Thermal Performance and Temperament of Low-cost Rural Houses, A Case Study of a Three-Bay House in Zhendong Town, Yancheng City. Architectural Journal, 575(08), 84-88. Beijing.
  • XIA Heng, & J.X. Zhu. (2014). Thermal Design of Lightweight Building Envelope - Built Cases of NEWBUD Light Gauge Composited Building system. Architectural Journal, 545(01),106-111.Beijing.
  • XIA Heng. (2013). Exploring the Bay Window Design to Confront Climate and Energy Issues. Architectural Journal, 539(07), 58-64. Beijing.
  • f. Wang, N.N. Cui, Q.s. Yan, S.p. Huang, J.X. Zhu, & XIA Heng. (2014). Study of the Diaphragm Effect of A Composite

Design & Competition Awards:

  • X. Zhu, N. Tam, XIA Heng & D.G. Zhang. (2017). Far Eastern Architectural Design Award (the Mainland region). Workstation for An Zihe Eco-base. Far Eastern Y.Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation.
  • R. Han, XIA Heng, & J.X. Zhu. (2016). Honourable Mention Award of World Architecture Chinese Architecture Award (WACAA)-Social Equality Award. Yunus China Center Lukou Grameen Village Bank, Xuzhou, China.
  • TAM, XIA Heng, & J.X. Zhu. (2016). Honourable Mention Award of WACAA-Achievement Award. New Bud Study Hall in Dazu Primary School, Sichuan, China.
  • H. Wu, Z.L. Huang, H.C. Lau, & XIA Heng. (2016). Finalist Award of WACAA-Design Experiment Award. Mcedo Beijing School in Nairobi.
  • X. Zhu, H.C. Lau, & XIA Heng. (2015). The First Prize of Local Academia of CIC Innovation Award 2015. Z-Panel System ― Lightweight Prefabrication. Hong Kong Construction Institution Council.
  • X. Zhu, XIA Heng, D.G. Zhang, & G.R. Han. (2014). Honourable Mention Award of WACAA-Design Experiment Award. Eco Station in Baishuihe, Sichuan, China.
  • J.X. Zhu, C.H. Wu, & XIA Heng. (2014). Finalist Award of WACAA-Technological Innovation Award. Shanghai Pudong wetland bird sanctuary Workstation, Shanghai, China.