Expertise & Research Interests

Architectural Design, Facades and Building Envelope Systems


Courses to Teach (23-24)

Architectural Design and Theory IV


Assistant Professor

BA Arch (Hons)(Greenwich U)
Dip Arch (Hons)(Greenwich U)

UK ARB Registered Architect

Atul joined the Department of Architecture of Chu Hai College of Higher Education as Assistant Professor in August 2015.  

Previously he served as Design Director for HOK International (Singapore) and Senior Project Designer at TFP Farrell’s Hong Kong where he gained valuable, extensive professional experience locally in Hong Kong and various market sectors globally. His professional experience in the field of architectural design spans over two decades in the Asia Pacific region with world-class architectural practices leading architectural teams on all phases of design from initial concepts, client delivery through to construction. 
The scale and variety of projects range from very large-scale master planning design proposals, civic, mixed-use developments to the individual, iconic buildings, and luxury private residences.

Outside of professional practice, Atul has been active in teaching at tertiary level as studio design tutor, lecturer and as a student mentor, managing core teaching activities within the design studio, communicating and connecting students with industry leaders and prestigious architectural firms thus maintaining vital links between practice and academia since 2011. 
He has also actively participated in student workshops, student design competitions and supervised student research writing for final year dissertations.

Atul is regularly invited as a guest critic for student presentations, educational design workshops and has helped extensively with promoting student talent in collaboration with local artists. 

Areas of research and special interests include:

Solar Technologies for Space Cooling, Sculpture and Façade and Building Envelope Typologies

Selected Publications

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- HOK Asia Monograph 25 year anniversary published 2009
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- Competition Record, Center for Youth Development published 2001
- Public Housing in the New Era, Shui Cheon O, March 2001
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